Dog Diseases - Leptospirosis

leptospirosis in dogs Leptospirosis is a disease that can affect the liver and/or the kidneys of an infected dog. It is a zoonotic disease means it is also transmissible to people.

This is caused by Leptospira Coanicola and Leptospira Icteohaemorrahgiae. It spreads by the urine of infected animals. The dogs get infected either by a break in the skin or when it drinks water or food that is contaminated by infected urine.

A hunched gait because of pain in the kidneys, formation of ulcers in the mouth and tongue, bleeding from the mouth, passage of bloody stools and severe thirst with increased urination are the main symptoms.
Sometime the liver is involved causing jaundice. This disease is relatively rare these days.

There is a vaccination available for canine leptospirosis but there is not a vaccine that protects against all possible strains. So, the vaccine is not 100% effective.

Treatment is by fluid therapy and broad spectrum antibiotics. It is found that dogs which have been vaccinated still get affected sometimes.

Make sure that your pet receives all medications provided by your veterinarian so that the infection is properly cleared from his body.