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Do you love your pet! Do you want to know more about your pet! Do you want to share pet caring information, pictures & videos of you and your pet! FondleFace is the right place for Pet and its like a pet social media. FondleFace is an online social networking service, that talks about pet animal media.

Join us by simply submitting the basic details of you and your pet. It is a unique site in which you can show your love towards your pet by sharing photos, videos, habits, problems, solutions and lots of information regarding pet animal.

This is a unique website where you can find animal care information.

You can invite your friend and its pet, make new friends, sell or buy any pet, search a friends pet, search a companion or life partner or mating partner for your little friend, give and take suggestions.

Your pet gives you a lifetime of unconditional love, loyalty, and friendship. this website will act like social networks for pets and animals. In return, She/he needs attention and regular care from you to make her happy, healthy and well balanced. They have a personality, definite likes and dislikes, feelings and a surprising amount of sensitivity and emotions. They just need a little interaction from you to enrich their life. Providing different articles like how to care for your pet, brief idea of diseases your pet can suffer its causes, prevention and treatment makes you and your pet’s life easier.

So if you are own any pet then you must join this social media for pet and animal lovers.

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